Sprint's WiMAX making inroads into federal agencies

Sprint (NYSE:S) announced it is making inroads into federal agencies with its WiMAX offerings.

According to Sprint, dozens of federal agencies have already certified Sprint's WiMAX-enabled devices. Two key applications the operator is honing on include situational awareness and healthcare. Situational awareness applications include: mobile high-definition video surveillance, location-based solutions, laptop connectivity for individual agents, video streaming or connections to/from handheld devices and the transmission of large images and video from target areas.

Sprint said administrators in federally managed facilities are using WiMAX to offer expanded mobility for caregivers. For example, medical staff can view high-resolution medical images on the HD screen of HTC Evo or view patient records and lab reports on WiMAX-connected wireless tablet PCs while gaining increased mobility so they can spend more time with patients.

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