Sprint, Telespree expand wholesale prepaid mobile broadband solution to MiFi

Sprint (NYSE:S) and partner Telespree announced Sprint's wholesale prepaid mobile broadband solution, called Mobile Broadband on Demand, which is now available on Novatel's MiFi2200; the service enables up to five Wi-Fi-enabled devices to connect via a broadband connection. In addition, Telespree increased the functionality of the Mobile Broadband on Demand service, which has already been available on data cards, to include an enhanced user interface and self-service account management tools.

Changes to the user interface include real-time metering, which allows users to to view how much data they have used while in session and purchase more data in real time. Sprint's wholesale partners have the ability to offer prepaid mobile broadband services in several different ways, ranging from data buckets to day passes.

"This is an important strategy for us," said Ben Vos, Sprint's vice president of business operations, in an interview with FierceBroadbandWireless. "We want that flexibility and quick customization to meet specific needs ... We are aggressive about marketing the possibilities. It puts us in a great position to bring us to a lot of different industry verticals. There is a whole new area of opportunity beyond (contract broadband services) for day passes or megabyte bucket that gets new folks involved in service."

The self-service management tools Telespree has put into place allow customers to purchase a partner-branded mobile broadband solution, select the data plan and connect without any retail or customer care assistance. Ellen Schwab, chief executive officer of Telespree, said these self-service management tools propel the prospect of connected devices since customers can purchase a product, turn it on and easily sign up for service. Vos noted that connected devices are a major area of focus for Sprint's wholesale business.

The solution is only available on Sprint's CDMA EV-DO network. Said Vos: "We continue to look at the opportunity to add 4G (WiMAX), and it is readily achievable. But we are continuing to work on how we expand our 4G offer as it relates to our wholesale business. We'll continue to grow that throughout this year and the next."

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