Sprint tests more aggressive WiMAX pricing in select markets

Current Analysis reports that Sprint (NYSE:S) has introduced two new WiMAX-only broadband plans in select test markets as the operator's coverage has increased to 69 markets.

The firm found that Sprint has launched what it calls the 4G Mobile Broadband Connect plan at $50, which is $10 less than its 3G/4G broadband plan. The plan is compatible with its newly introduced USB U1901 and is available in the test markets of Atlanta, Charlotte, Chicago, Dallas, Greensboro, N.C., Houston, Kansas City, Philadelphia, Salt Lake City and Seattle. In addition, Sprint introduced the 4G Desktop Modem Connection Plan for $45 per month as an alternative to fixed broadband connections. This plan is compatible with the Sprint 4G Desktop Modem CPEi25150 that connects to a broadband router to enable users to share connections in their homes and offices. Current Analysis said the devices that are compatible with these plans are priced at $50, which should ensure traction with customers.

"While these plans are limited to a few markets, Sprint's 4G coverage has now increased to include 69 cities, which will increase its potential consumer base if the carrier wishes to extend the plans to all 4G markets," noted Current Analysis analyst Deepa Karthikeyan.

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