Sprint to release WiMAX-enabled Samsung Nexus S; TDS Telecom ends WiMAX network in Madison, Wis.

> AT&T CTO John Donovan said that the operator is spending a lot of money to make sure that its 3G microcells work well in its network. Article

> Sprint announced the release of the Samsung Nexus S, due out May 8th. The Nexus S will be fourth in the line of 4G phones on Sprint's WiMAX network following the Evo 4G, the Epic 4G, and the recent Evo Shift. Article

> Mobile WiMAX chipset shipments surged year-over-year, from 5 million in 2009 to 15 million in 2010, according to the inaugural issue of Maravedis's '4Ggear Quarterly Report.' Article

> TDS Telecom's plan to discontinue WiMAX service in Madison, Wis. will mark the end of the company's residential CLEC operations in that city. Article

> The GSA's (Global Mobile suppliers Association) updated HSPA Devices survey shows  that 3,071 HSPA user devices have been announced in the market. Release

And Finally... A man has been cleared of a theft charge after a bemused jury in Washington state found him not guilty of stealing a 99-cent hot dog. Article