Sprint touts unlimited data in new ads; Is Oct. 4 the launch date for the new iPhone?

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 > AT&T Mobility named its first two LTE devices ahead of the launch of its forthcoming LTE network.   Article

> Sprint introduced a series of new ads that highlight the data caps and throttling employed by its competitors and reiterates Sprint's offer of uncapped smartphone data.  Article

> Time Warner Cable promoted Michael Roudi as head of its wireless efforts. Article

> New documents hint at a possible Oct. 4 launch date for the new iPhone. Article

> AT&T Mobility will be the exclusive U.S. provider for Sony's forthcoming S2 Android-based tablet.  Article

> Hewlett-Packard is moving former Palm CEO Jon Rubinstein away from direct control of webOS to work on broader product innovation.  Article

>  T-Mobile USA will become the first U.S. wireless operator to launch a caller ID service using Cequint's Name ID feature. Article

>  Are voice and text usage alerts a lost opportunity for wireless carriers? Commentary

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