Staccato claims Bluetooth/WiFi causes interference

Staccato Communications, a WiMedia Alliance company, claims that using WiFi to boost the data transfer speed for Bluetooth will cause interference to nearby WiMAX and cellular devices.

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group announced last month it was linking Bluetooth with WiFi to make it easier for users to transfer images and large data files such as music and video. WiMedia's ultrawideband technology was originally chosen by the Bluetooth SIG as the technology for high-speed Bluetooth, but the lack of cellular devices with UWB prompted the Bluetooth SIG to move ahead with WiFi.

In an article published by WirelessNetDesignline, Roberto Aiello and Siddharth Shetty from Stoccato said that if 802.11 radios are used to provide higher data rates within the Bluetooth standard, they will interfere with 3G devices unless the devices are located about 8 meters apart for 2.6 GHz and 16 meters apart at 2.3 GHz. The authors offered both a rationale and laboratory results to support their claim.

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