Startup announces 802.11n chip for gigabit speeds

Start-up Quantenna Communications announced a high-end 802.11n silicon product that uses 4 x 4 MIMO antennas along with beam forming and mesh technologies to enable an aggregate throughput of up to a Gbit/second. The company uses two chips, one each for 2.4 and 5 GHz links.

Quantenna claims it delivers twice the 300 Mbits/s physical layer throughput of existing WiFi chips from established vendors including Atheros and Broadcom. "In addition, we are a factor of four to five times smaller than anything in the market," said Behrooz Rezvani, founder and and chief executive of Quantenna. He said his two-chip module reference design measures about 2.5 x 2 inches to enable plug-in devices such as the Apple Airport Express. The chips use mesh networking based on concepts current under discussion within the 802.11s group, where each node acts as an access point.

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