T-Mobile asks FCC for tower siting, backhaul help; Ericsson to launch HSPA+ modules in 2010

> T-Mobile wants the FCC to help speed up the cumbersome process of getting permission from state and local governments to establish a tower or other facilities for wireless services. Article

> Ericsson said it will launch HSPA+ mobile broadband modules in 2010 and LTE modules in the 2011/2012 timeframe. Article

> The CDMA Development Group announced that it has joined the 3GPP. Article

> Alcatel-Lucent reported a wider net lost in the second quarter on weaker sales. However, the company restated its previous forecast of nearing break even for the year on an adjusted operating level. Article

> Motorola appears to be making good on its promise to turn itself around. The struggling equipment maker surprised investors by posting a third quarter profit of $12 million, way up from the $397 million loss it recorded in the third quarter of 2008. Article

> The iPhone saw its formal debut in China Friday on carrier China Unicom, with the WiFi-less hardware sold via 2,000 stores at a starting price of $730. Article

And Finally... A motorized La-Z-Boy used by a man who pleaded guilty to driving it drunk is going up for auction. Article