T-Mobile expands WiFi calling to Android phones

T-Mobile USA announced it has extended WiFi calling to several Android-based smartphones, including the myTouch and the Motorola Defy, which represents an apparent reversal from T-Mobile's position last month when it indicated it was not going to extend its Unlicensed Mobile Access calling feature to its wide array of Android smartphones.

According to the blog GigaOM, a T-Mobile representative said in September that the nation's No. 4 carrier will continue to support UMA calling for Research In Motion's (NASDAQ:RIMM) BlackBerry devices and the Nokia (NYSE:NOK) E73, but didn't mention the carrier's growing line of Android phones. T-Mobile has been one of the strongest supporters of Google's mobile platform.

T-Mobile first introduced unlimited WiFi calling for consumers with the launch of its [email protected] service in 2007. The offering allows users to switch between WiFi and the carrier's cellular network. T-Mobile said it now processes about 40 million WiFi calls per month. The solution is powered by Kineto's Smart Wi-Fi application.

T-Mobile said WiFi calling will be available "in the coming months" on an increasing number of its Android-powered smartphones.

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