T-Mobile hints at first HSPA+ smartphone; Motorola reports TD-LTE progress in China

> T-Mobile USA said its first HSPA+ smartphone will be an Android-powered device called the G2. The company did not provide any further details, including the gadget's specifications, price or release date. Article

> The Motorola Solutions business of Motorola said it has passed China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) 2.3 GHz  full feature set lab trial with a 100 percent pass rate. That means TD-LTE is closer to reality in China, Motorola said. Release

> Joan Marsh, AT&T's vice president of federal regulatory, once again took to the company's public policy blog to press the case that wireless networks should not be covered by net neutrality regulations. Article

> Qualcomm must overcome another obstacle before it can fulfill its goal of building a TD-LTE network in India. The company, along with its Indian partners, must obtain approval from the Indian government for its investments in three companies that plan to offer wireless broadband services in different parts of India. Article

And Finally... Georgia police looking for a man accused of breaking into an elementary school said they found him when they used his left behind cell phone to call his mother. Article

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