T-Mobile launches WCDMA in Dallas; Russian WiMAX operator Enforta increases coverage

>  T-Mobile has launched WCDMA in Dallas, spending about $191 million on the infrastructure and the network. Article

> Enforta announced its expansion of its WiMAX network to an additional 13 Russian cities, increasing the company's overall service area to 68 cities. Release

> Second quarter 2008 was a good time for base station manufacturers. Research firm EJL Wireless reports second quarter revenues for base station manufacturers was $13.8 billion, up 14.5 percent from the same quarter in 2007. Article

> IDC ranks Huawei No.1 in terms of commercial WiMAX 802.16e contracts. Release

And Finally... A Finn, two Estonians and a dog took prizes in the ninth annual Mobile Phone Throwing World Championships held this year in the Estonian town of Narva. Article