T-Mobile requiring Android smartphones to pass Apkudo app testing

Suppliers of Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) Android smartphones to T-Mobile US (NYSE:TMUS) have a new hoop to jump through before they can win device approval from the operator. Apkudo announced that pre-release Android handsets will have to pass its application platform testing starting this month. 

Apkudo's app platform testing will complement T-Mobile's existing pre-launch device approval process. The testing simulates actual subscriber usage scenarios in real-world conditions and includes more than 2,000 pre-load, top-pick and core systems apps to ensure a smartphone can provide a stable experience across applications.

The Baltimore, Md.-based vendor said service providers using its testing platform can "proactively identify and rectify any customer-impacting issues before a device is sold to customers."

Apkudo noted that smartphones have become application platforms, and traditional handset pass/fail testing methodologies no longer guarantee device performance with regard to apps. 

Apkudo was named to 2013's Fierce 15 list of wireless startups.

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