T-Mobile rolls out Internet calling plans

While T-Mobile is part of a group of operators embarking on a price war on the mobile voice side, the operator also upped the ante on its [email protected] offering, rolling out Talk Forever Home Service in Seattle and Dallas for $10 per line per month for unlimited domestic calls. The router costs $49 and the service requires a broadband connection.

The new service runs on top of T-Mobile's existing [email protected] offering, which enables converged WiFi and mobile-phone calling using one of four handset models that T-Mobile offers. Pricing was recently lowered for this service to $10 per month for unlimited domestic calling for up to four cell phones. Both [email protected] and Talk Forever Home require a minimum $40 per month voice calling plan.

In an interview with Wi-Fi Net News, Joe Sims, vice president and general manager of T-Mobile's broadband products, said T-Mobile is looking to "address the remaining reasons people were reluctant to cut the cord."

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