Tango extending small cell connectivity into enterprise

Extending enterprise unified communications apps and service to mobile devices on a small cell network is the aim of Small Cell Connect from Tango Networks, which is pitching the product to operators as a way to reduce backhaul demands and even enable location-based services and new pricing plans.

"Small cells are of critical importance for enabling enterprise calling, messaging and applications to users wherever they are," said Brenda Boehm, Tango president and CEO.

Tango's new product uses its Small Cell Services Exchange software to establish secure connectivity and guaranteed interworking between small cells, enterprise unified communications (UC) and PBX systems and mobile network elements. The solution provides seamless functionality over small cells, mobile, Wi-Fi and fixed networks, said Andrew Silver, company CTO and co-founder.

"The Small Cell Connect solution addresses the distinct needs of carriers today, by reducing backhaul resource demands and maintaining bearer stream and signaling local to the enterprise while enabling unique small cell location-based services and new tariffing models," he added.

According to Simon Saunders, chairman of the Small Cell Forum, which recently welcomed Tango as a member, "There is an enormous amount of excitement surrounding enterprise small cells. To date, cellular technologies have only scratched the surface of what is possible in a business environment. Enterprise small cell deployments represent a platform for transforming much more than just coverage and capacity. They can also introduce compelling new features and services."

Tango, which says its technology transforms any mobile device into an enterprise office phone, serves Tier 1 mobile carriers in North America and Europe in addition enterprise and government companies worldwide.

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