Tech companies unite for 60 GHz wireless technologies; AT&T may trim iPhone's monthly service plan

> More than 15 technology companies joined together to announce the formation of a new alliance whose mission is to establish a unified specification for 60 Gigahertz (GHz) wireless technologies. Article

> ­Ericsson has urged the Bangladeshi government to speed up the process to offer 3G licenses so that the mobile operators can tap the existing 3G phone user base in the country. Article

> AT&T is reportedly poised to trim the iPhone's monthly service plan by $10 when Apple introduces the newest version of the smartphone next month. Article

> Despite the excitement for Amazon's new 9.7-inch Kindle DX, there's still some uncertainty about which segment of the book-reading market is most likely to drop nearly $500 on the electronic reader. Article

And Finally... Police in Monroe, La., say they arrested a 44-year-old man from Memphis, Tenn., after he tried to buy cell phones with a forged cashier's check that misspelled "cashier's" and used an FBI office as his shipping address. Article