Testing lab provider AT4 cuts deals with Anite, Agilent and A4WP

Malaga, Spain-based AT4 wireless, which runs an international network of testing labs, is using a product from Anite to test LTE devices for operator acceptance programs and is upgrading an Agilent product to enable certification testing services of LTE-Advanced carrier aggregation.

AT4 certifies its customers' products to international standards, using Anite's SAS--interoperability and performance test solution--to test devices according to specific test cases defined by mobile operators. Such testing is meant to ensure devices operate as intended on individual mobile networks prior to launch, said Anite.

In addition, AT4 announced that it has begun upgrading its Agilent T4000S series conformance test solutions to support LTE-A carrier aggregation. Further, under an extension of the two companies' test system validation agreements, AT4 will continue to provide validation services to Agilent for LTE-A carrier aggregation.

Agilent is spinning off its electronic measurement division late this year into a new company that will be called Keysight Technologies.

In other news, AT4 earlier this month was selected by the Alliance for Wireless Power (A4WP) to operate the first Rezence-authorized laboratory in North America. A4WP is the only wireless power organization offering certification for next-generation wireless charging products based on resonant technology. A4WP announced the certification program for wirelessly charging devices last month and is using the Rezence brand for consumer-facing products.

AT4's Virginia lab is now authorized to provide testing services for A4WP member products needing certification. Telecommunications Technologies Association (TTA) also has a Rezence Authorized Test Lab (ATL) in South Korea. Over the coming months, additional ISO 17025 ILAC-accredited test labs will be added, A4WP said.

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