Tests show T-Mobile HSPA+ upgrades increase average smartphone speeds

Wireless testing company Root Metrics tested the average upload and download speeds of smartphones running over T-Mobile's network and found that even though few T-Mobile smartphones are actually compatible with the higher HSPA+ speeds the operator is rolling out, the use of fiber backhaul and bolstered network capacity are apparently boosting performance for all T-Mobile broadband users.

Testing done by Root between August and September of this year found that average download speeds reached higher than 400 Kbps in six sample markets: Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, New York and Oakland and Orange County, Calif. The average upload speeds were higher than 300 Kbps. According to Root, these figures exceed all other operators network performance in each market except Oakland, where AT&T has a slight lead. Root conducted the same test last year, and T-Mobile was often third or last among its major competitors.

None of the connections tested were true HSPA+ connections because Root makes its measurements via smartphones using its own crowd-sourcing app.

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