Thai fixed-line player wants WiMAX

TT&T, a fixed-line and broadband operator in Thailand, said it plans to bid in a WiMAX spectrum auction that is slated for February 2011, and has already started deploying infrastructure in the belief it will win the licenses, according to TelecomAsia.

A source from TT&T said that the operator expects the Thai government to auction a total of four licenses in the 2.3 GHz band and anticipates rivals such as TOT, CAT Telecom and True Corp. to bid. TT&T is reportedly aiming for 500,000 WiMAX subscribers within two years of launching wireless broadband services via the wireless technology, including 200,000 of its existing DSL-based fixed broadband subscribers that it hopes will take bundled WiMAX services, in addition to 300,000 new WiMAX customers.

Using WiMAX TT&T aims to target the greater Bangkok area, which is dominated today by True.

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