Thomson integrates Airvana femto module in home gateways

Thomson, the leader in broadband customer premises equipment (CPE), revealed it has integrated a UMTS femtocell module from Airvana in its home gateways. The dominant broadband residential gateway supplier chose Airvana over ip.access. The deal is a coup for Airvana as integrated devices are seen as the most cost-effective way for operators to deploy femtocells to the mass market even though they will first roll out standalone femtocells to jump start the market.

Thomson said it chose Airvana over ip.access because of Thomson's own co-marketing and co-development partnership with Nokia Siemens. "We were looking for a technology supplier that would offer support for that ecosystem. Given ip.access wasn't willing to support that at that time, we went looking for a technology supplier that would support that ecosystem," Stan Claes, director of the IPS femtocell group at Thomson, told Unstrung.

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