Tracking people via cell phone location data may predict Ebola's spread; DragonWave said tests validated NLoS paths for 60 GHz small backhaul

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> Tracking people's movements via cell phone location data might help predict Ebola's spread. Article

> Cisco gave Connectify the URL. Blog post

> Neustar is reportedly pondering selling itself to private equity firms amid a number-portability contract dispute. Article

> China is planning to create its own operating system to take on likes of Microsoft and Google. Article

> Researchers develop a new way of powering minuscule medical implants. Article

> DragonWave said tests validated and characterized non-line-of-sight (NLoS) paths at street level using 60 GHz small cell backhaul technologies. Release

And finally… Hidden within every Mac computer is the text of Steve Jobs' inspirational Stanford commencement speech. Article