uBeam raises $10M in Series A funding; Carnival unveils hybrid wireless network for ships

Wireless tech news from across the web:

> Sprint named an executive from its parent company SoftBank as its new top network executive. Story

> A total of 70 companies have qualified to bid in the FCC's upcoming AWS-3 spectrum auction, which starts Nov. 13 and will be the country's largest spectrum auction since 2008. Story

> Los Angeles-based uBeam, a developer of wireless charging technology that uses ultrasound to transmit energy, raised $10 million in a Series A funding round. Story

> The market for sensors in cellphones and tablets is set to nearly triple from 2012 through 2018, according to IHS Technology. Story

> Ericsson is launching an Open Platform for Network Functions Virtualization (OPNFV) certification program, a move it says will create an environment to ensure network functions virtualization (NFV) systems and network infrastructure are compatible with emerging NFV standards and the open-source OPNFV reference platform. Article

> Western Union has launched Danal's Mobile Identity service. Release

> Carnival Corporation unveiled its first-of-its-kind hybrid wireless network that will integrate a combination of land-based antennas along cruise routes, Wi-Fi from a port connection and advanced satellites. Release

> And finally… It's uncomfortable to wear, and its heart-rate data is inconsistent. But for just $200, the Microsoft Band is stuffed with more sensors than any other wearable available. Article

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MTN Consulting says the industry consensus is that 5G will double to triple energy consumption for mobile operators, once networks scale.

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