Ubiquisys introduces outdoor femtocell

Ubiquisys has introduced an outdoor femtocell designed to serve as a mini outdoor base station that supports a small number of users but over a greater range than indoor femtocells.

The wide-area femtocell, however, is not a mini version of the macro cellular platform but is designed to be a subsidiary to the macro network. It can also be connected to a broadband connection, which will backhaul traffic to operator's core network. The 20 to 30 watt device can deliver a clear voice signal up to 1.5 km, and can deliver HSPA capacity within 700 m, according to the company. But the platform can only support 16 simultaneous calls.

As such, the company is marketing the device for rural area coverage. Softbank, the Japanese UMTS/HSPA operator that helped Ubiquisys with the development of the platform, is already deploying the femtocell as a means of extending its 3G footprint. The company said the femtocell could also eventually be used in urban areas as a way to expand capacity.

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