UK advertising regulator bans another iPhone 3G ad

For the second time, the UK's Advertising Standard Authority banned an Apple iPhone advertisement for what is says misleads consumers. This time the agency is banning an ad that touts how fast the iPhone 3G can browse the Internet. The ad shows a person using the iPhone to browse the web, downloading a file and viewing Google Maps at very fast speeds. And the dialogue says the touch-screen device "helps you get the news, really fast," and "download pretty much anything, really fast."

The regulator said the commercial would likely mislead viewers into believing they could get those types of connectivity speeds on their iPhone 3G devices. Before the regulator banned the ad, Apple argued that the commercial was designed to show that the iPhone 3G was significantly faster than the first-generation iPhone devices. Apple also said it had a note in the ad that read, "Network performance will vary by location." The agency didn't buy that explanation.

In August, the regulator banned another iPhone 3G ad that promised users access to "all parts of the Internet" on their Apple devices.

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