UK customers fear bill shock over mobile broadband; FiberTower adds more fiber

> Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called on businesses to stand up to foreign governments that push them to censor access to information in those countries and pledged to make Internet freedom a key diplomatic priority. Article

> A survey of more than 2,000 U.K. consumers found that 75 percent did not understand the cost of mobile Internet browsing and feared that it would result in "bill shock" at the end of the month or quickly devour their pre-pay credit. Article

> Verizon Wireless' new Palm Pre Plus and Pix Plus devices will support a downloadable application that turns them into mobile WiFi hotspots, thereby allowing customers to connect up to five WiFi-capable devices to Verizon's network. The service will cost $40 per month for 5 GB and 5 cents per megabyte overage, in addition to monthly service costs. The pricing is in line with the carrier's MiFi device from Novatel, service for which also starts at $40 per month. Article

> Wireless backhaul specialist provider FiberTower is adding more fiber to its diet by acquiring 4,000 miles of dark fiber from FiberLight. Article

> IP networking's quality gap must be closed before 100 percent broadband penetration can ever be achieved. Commentary

And Finally... Sheriff's deputies in central Florida found a suspected car thief playing the "Grand Theft Auto" video game. Article

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