Urban WiMAX to raise GPB 35 million for U.K. roll-out

Wireless broadband network operator Urban WiMAX said it would raise £35 million to finance a U.K.-wide roll-out for its WiMAX service. The company has appointed investment bank Rothschild to advise it on the planned fund raising. The company will use the funds to expand its WiMAX service beyond Central London, where it is already running. Urban WiMAX also hinted it might acquire companies holding WiMAX licenses and other wireless broadband operators to facilitate its expansion. "The potential for WiMAX is enormous. Wireless connectivity is no longer just about WiFi connections to the Internet in your office meeting room or Starbucks, it's a primary data connection, offering all the security guarantees that businesses require" said Sasha Williamson, Urban WiMAX's CEO.

Urban WiMAX is not the only British company engaged in WiMAX deployments or trials: Pipex ran a trial service in Statford-upon-Avon; Now operates a commercial service in parts of London aimed at consumers; and Manchester Metronet is running a trial in Manchester. Last month Redline Communications said it was planning on raising £40 million to finance its own WiMAX deployment plans.

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MORE: Redline Communication is active not only in the UK: It has reached an agreement with IraTel to bring WiMAX to Iraq, and has recently teamed up with I-Systems to launch a wireless broadband service in Lake Llanquihue, Chile.  Report

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