Vasona says edge application controller creates a new category

Vasona Networks officially announced its first product to address mobile network bandwidth congestion, the SmartAir1000 edge application controller.

"It's all about the cell. You have to manage the cell holistically. You have to understand the various users on the cell and the applications they're consuming and then you have to manage all of the that to get the cell to perform to the best of its ability," Biren Sood, CEO of Vasona Networks, told FierceBroadbandWireless.

"Traffic is impacting all parts of the network. The idea of focusing on the cell, which is a very expensive part of the network, and being able to use that more efficiently, that's what this new product category is all about," he said.

Rival traffic-shaping solutions that are deployed higher up in the network can manage individual sessions but lack visibility into what's happening on the cell," said Sood.

Using Vasona's platform, which sits between the radio access network and core network, operators can ensure bandwidth is allocated in real time based on the nature of each application and type of media. Sood said Vasona's edge application controller can be used in conjunction with other common network tools, including policy servers, video optimizers, caching solutions and deep packet inspectors.

Vasona's technology has been being trialed by operators around the world for the past year, and there are some early deployments going on as well, said Sood.

The vendor, which recently emerged from stealth mode, was founded in 2010 and is funded by Bessemer Venture Partners and New Venture Partners.

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