VeriWave unveils test suite for vertical markets

Testing company VeriWave said it has introduced the industry's first test suite to replicate real-world traffic models for WiFi networks operating in various vertical markets such as healthcare, education and government. VeriWave's new WiMix (not to be confused with WiMAX) Real World Traffic Tests are designed to predict how specific equipment and network configurations will perform when turned up in a live environment. The enables IT manager, network planners and equipment manufacturers to tweak Quality of Service by replicating realistic traffic loads and profiles without risking security breaches, capacity and performance issues.

"We're seeing requirements from equipment manufacturers to pre-test equipment, but now we have an extension to pool from verticals so it gives vendors the ability to pre-test the network before they put mission-critical traffic on it," said Eran Karoly, VeriWave's vice president of marketing, in an interview.

To read more about VeriWave's WiMix product:
- take a look at this press release