Verizon announces Rev. A upgrade complete

On the day when all the news was focused on the debut of Apple's iPhone, Verizon Wireless issued a release of its own, announcing that its entire 1xEV-DO network has been upgraded to Rev. A technology, which offers peak rates of 1.4 mbps. The move looked to be an opportune time to tout Rev. A's capability since the iPhone only works on AT&T's slower EDGE network. But Verizon isn't offering any Rev. A phones yet. Subscribers can use three different PC Card modems and the USB720 modem for Universal Serial Bus ports.

Meanwhile, AT&T said it put $50 million into data network preparations ahead of the launch of Apple iPhone, increasing network capacity and pushing its EDGE network from "good EDGE" to "fine EDGE." Good EDGE was 75 to 135 kbps, and fine EDGE appears to be around 200 kbps.

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