Verizon asks FCC for spectrum swap with U.S. Cellular; Lawmakers continue to voice concern over LightSquared's operations

> ­Canada's Rogers Communications has announced that it will launch commercial LTE services in Ottawa this summer. Rogers, in collaboration with Sierra Wireless also announced the first LTE-enabled mobile device in Canada. Article

> In an unusual spectrum swap, Verizon Wireless is asking the FCC to allow it swap some of its 700 MHz spectrum licenses with U.S. Cellular in exchange for certain 1900 MHz PCS licenses. The transfer, if approved, could help U.S. Cellular expand its forthcoming LTE network. Article

> Lawmakers in the House of Representatives continue to be concerned about the potential for interference with global positioning satellites posed by wholesale LTE provider LightSquared's terrestrial network. Article

> Verizon Wireless' decision to block access to certain tethering applications violates the open access provisions placed on the carrier's C-Block 700 MHz spectrum it won at auction in 2008 and has used to deploy LTE, according to digital rights advocacy group Free Press. Article

And Finally... Officials in New London, Conn., turned off the water at the city's new waterfront fountain over the weekend, because people have been using it as a toilet. Article