Verizon launches femtocell

As expected, Verizon Wireless introduced a femtocell from Samsung, which is similar to the femtocell Sprint's Airave service uses.

The Verizon Wireless Extender retails for $249 but doesn't require a monthly fee, unlike Sprint's Airave. The Extender requires a power outlet and a home broadband Internet connection and calls switch automatically between the Extender's coverage area of 5,000 square feet and its wireless network.

Verizon Wireless says the femtocell is ideal for customers who want to enhance the wireless signal when making voice calls, sending text/picture/video messages, accessing Mobile Web or accessing smartphone/BlackBerry data in situations that could include houses with structural barriers; basement rooms; or some remote, mountainous or hilly areas. Network Extender also can provide improved network access for customers living on the geographical fringes of the Verizon Wireless network.

Interestingly, Network Extender does not support EV-DO speeds and services that require it.

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