Verizon partners with CradlePoint for LTE business solutions

CradlePoint, a provider of 3G/4G network router solutions, announced a partnership with Verizon Wireless (NYSE:VZ) to offer three new 4G LTE wireless broadband solutions for businesses. The CradlePoint MBR1200 will offer businesses the ability to create instant networks using Verizon's LTE mobile broadband service at branch offices, retail locations and other remote operations. The CradlePoint CBA750 is designed to allow businesses to use both wired (DSL/cable/TI) and the LTE network in parallel to ensure Internet connections stay online when the primary wired connection fails. The third solution, the CradlePoint CTR35, converts Verizon's LTE data connection into Wi-Fi or Ethernet, enabling mobile or remote network operations across a variety of applications, including kiosks, digital signage, temporary offices or mobile workforces to allow multiple users or devices to share the single LTE data connection. Release