Verizon seeks to drive enterprise side of LTE-B

Much of the talk around LTE-B has been around its mobile video applications. Both Verizon and AT&T demonstrated as much during sporting events. But Verizon, which recently recruited a team of like-minded operators to rally for support of LTE-B in mid- and top-tier devices, sees a lot more applications for the technology.

"Everybody's only thinking about mobile video like our applications with Indy Car and Go90 but there are other benefits this technology can support," Parissa Pandkhou, director of Product Development at Verizon, told FierceWireless. "Verizon's goal specifically in this alliance is to drive the enterprise side of LTE-B."

What that means is using LTE-B for specific IoT applications. One of the initiatives Verizon is currently working on -- it demoed it at CTIA last year -- is digital signage. Pandkhou said the technology could make it much simpler to push content out to screens located across large venues and environments like subway stations, airport terminals, hospitality suites, and bus stops throughout a metro market. For more on Verizon's LTE-B ambitions, check out this FierceWireless special report.