Wi-Fi Alliance task group targets peer-to-peer apps platform

The Wi-Fi Alliance has created a task group aimed at developing a multi-vendor interoperable applications platform that will leverage the alliance's Wi-Fi Direct peer-to-peer connectivity certification.

The envisioned platform, which is targeted for sometime in 2013, will be backward-compatible with existing Wi-Fi Direct devices. "Our members have embraced Wi-Fi Direct as an important solution to connect devices directly, which creates an opportunity now to do more," said Kelly Davis-Felner, Wi-Fi Alliance marketing director.

Products certified for Wi-Fi Direct include TVs, mobile phones, printers, PCs and tablets, as well as silicon from all major Wi-Fi chipset vendors. More than 1,100 certifications have been completed since the program's launch in October 2010, said the Wi-Fi Alliance.

Market research firm In-Stat predicts that nearly all PCs, mobile devices, and portable consumer electronics will support the technology behind Wi-Fi Direct by 2014.

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- see this Wi-Fi Alliance release

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