Wi-Fi enabled LiFx light bulb raises over $1M

Though naysayers question whether the LiFx (pronounced life-ex) LED light bulb will ever come to market, and, if it does, whether it will work as promised, the Wi-Fi enabled device already managed to raise more than $1 million in its first week on Kickstarter. The LiFx offers such unique features as smartphone control via Wi-Fi (after one follows a 12-step process to connect LiFx to a Wi-Fi network) and the ability to create the colors to match any mood or decor, get notifications from Twitter, Facebook, texts and more, reduce energy consumption and save money, visualize music with animated colors and much, much more, according to its Aussie creators. The bulb is also supposed to last for 25 years. Felix Salmon, who blogs for Reuters, earlier this year suggested that "Kickstarter was morphing into SkyMall for Vaporware" and uses the LiFx as proof that his fear is coming true. However, the product's backers are still racking up Kickstarter pledges, and their fundraising campaign is not due to expire until Nov. 14. See one blogger's gushing review of the concept here.

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