Wi-Fi: Meaningless term for an in-demand service

Some 80 percent of survey respondents don't have a clue about what the term Wi-Fi stands for, but 70 percent of them would be very happy if their mobile devices could automatically connect to Wi-Fi whenever or wherever it is available, according to an online poll conducted by vendor Syniverse. The survey, conducted via Twitter, also found that 65 percent of respondents say they connect to Wi-Fi most frequently at home, while another 30 percent most often do so at the office. People are so interested in accessing Wi-Fi that 58 percent of respondents would be willing to pay for it, and more than 22 percent would pay $5 or more for access. Nearly half of respondents check email most frequently while on Wi-Fi, and 23 percent spend the majority of their Wi-Fi time checking social channels such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, said Syniverse, which did not indicate the total number of poll respondents. The company noted most respondents thought the name Wi-Fi was made up to sound similar to Hi-Fi. For more on the survey, check out this press release.