WiFi-enabled RFID tag specialist raises $11 million

RFID technology is used by many sectors of the economy and government organizations to manage supply-chain operations. It is also used for national security. Many countries are moving toward adopting RFID-enabled passports and travel documents which contain biometric information, and some highly secret labs and facilities admit they contemplate requiring their employees to have RFID tags implanted under their skin. Therefore, it is not surprising to learn that WiFi start-up Aeroscout (formerly BlueSoft) has raised $11.4 million out of $20.5 million it is seeking in its third financing round. The company has raised $28.2 million since it was founded in 1999. Existing investors Pitango Venture Capital, Star Ventures, Intel Capital and Menlo Ventures are participating in the current round.

The company specializes in enterprise WiFi network solutions aiming to locate and manage assets and people in multiple environments. The system includes indoor and outdoor real-time asset location (RTLS), long range active RFID, choke-point visibility and telemetry. The company says that the system does not over-burden customers' communications networks. AeroScout has strategic partnerships with Cisco, IBM, Microsoft, and MobileAccess Networks, among others.

The company has just launched its AeroScout T3 Tag, its most advanced tag for asset and people tracking.

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