WiGig prepares to make waves in short-range wireless

One of the biggest stories coming out of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week has been the debut of WiGig, the technology behind the evolving 802.11d standard for ultra-high-speed wireless data transfers and in-home docking and content applications.

Wilocity demonstrated its WiGig solution, the results of a partnership the company announced last year with Qualcomm Atheros. NXP Semiconductor also discussed its own WiGig approach. As consumers look to use high-speed short-range wireless in the home to link up various content devices, WiGig could become a technology of choice, in particular because its 60 Ghz operating frequency means it won't get bogged down amid interference with other lower frequency wireless technologies, such as Wi-Fi. The 802.11d standard should be forthcoming from the IEEE later this year.

Meanwhile, PC World featured an interview with WiGig Alliance President Ali Sadri, who said the technology will not step on Wi-Fi's toes because Wi-Fi will still be used for Internet access, while WiGig focuses on device docking. Sadri also said the alliance is preparing a WiGig Compliant product certification program for later this year, with probably much more WiGig market activity to come at CES 2013.

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