Will AT&T deploy WiMAX in the continental U.S.?

AT&T is planning to launch WiMAX service by next year, according to a report in Unstrung. The report, citing industry sources, says AT&T will likely deploy limited WiMAX services in the 2.3 GHz band, the spectrum it inherited from its purchase of BellSouth, in the South. AT&T isn't commenting, but it appears such a deployment would be more of a fixed-line play versus the next-generation play that Sprint Nextel is making with the technology.

AT&T already has a limited deployment of WiMAX technologies in Alaska and has been advocating with the WiMAX Forum to develop the technology as a more efficient means of delivering mobile TV and video.

For more about AT&T's potential plans for WiMAX:
- read this article from Unstrung

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