WiMAX winners

A few weeks ago we quoted Farpoint's Craig Mathias who said that he walked down the halls of the latest WiMAX World Conference held last October 8-12 in Boston, he felt that the technology had reached the tipping point. Trendsmedia, producer of the WiMAX event, selected Xchange Magazine to run a WiMAX awards program. A panel of industry insiders and experts evaluated the nominees (Mathias, by the way, was on the selection panel), and here are some of the winners: 

Industry innovation
Leading-edge WiMAX technology, microelectronics, hardware, software, or services with transformative potential for the mobile and personal broadband industries

Winner: Motorola's WiMAX Distributed Network Architecture
Runner-Up: InfiNet Wireless' SkyMAN NG

System design
Box-level systems using WiMAX technology which included approaches or methods above and beyond standardized minimums that enhance the total value of a WiMAX system

Winner: Adaptix's BX-3000 Base Stations
Runner-Up: Telsima's StarMAX 6400

Chip design
802.16d and 802.16e base station and terminal chips and chip sets, including PHY or MAC or higher-level solutions

Winner: Comsys's ComMAX
Runner-Up: PicoChip Designs's PC202

For more winners and the judges' reasoning:
- see XChange Online report

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