Windows Phone 7 smartphones can't connect to hidden WiFi networks

Windows Phone 7-based smartphones are unable to detect hidden WiFi networks, which means users will have to broadcast their home or business network's presence if they want a WP 7 handset to connect, according to said it  found that the only way to connect WP 7 phones to a WiFi network is by choosing it from the list of those discovered when the handset scans for available networks. The publication said Microsoft has confirmed that WP 7 phones at launch won't connect to hidden WiFi networks.

Some WiFi networks do not actively broadcast their SSIDs, especially in business environments as a security measure. Most smartphone platforms and Windows PCs allow users to connect to a hidden network by manually supplying the network name and password, but this cannot be done on the WP 7 platform.

With Windows PCs and most other smartphone platforms, users can connect to a hidden network by manually supplying the network name and password, but this is not supported in Windows Phone 7.

Microsoft's solution: show your WiFi network.

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