Wireless charging market matures

Despite competing standards, wireless charging is enjoying a growth spurt, with the charging receiver market growing more than 160 percent in 2015 over the previous year, IHS reports. Refinements to system design and diversification for various applications and power ratings is now driving the development of the technology, and IHS expects shipment volume to top 1 billion units by 2020 and 2 billion by 2025.

The mobile phone market remains the dominant force in overall shipments, led by the Samsung Galaxy smartphone series, which comes equipped with dual-mode Qi and Power-Matters-Alliance- (PMA-) certified low-frequency charging retained for this year's S7 model.   

Shipments of wireless charging receivers to date were nearly all 5 Watt (W) Qi- or PMA-certified low-frequency systems that typically rely on a charging pad; however, less than half of all receivers sold in 2020 will fall into this category, the firm predicts. For more on trends in wireless charging, see this release.