The wireless industry's worst blunders

The wireless industry has had its fair share of astronomic successes--such as Apple's iPhone, which just celebrated its five-year anniversary--and some abysmal failures. In fact FierceWireless' recent survey of top industry executives revealed a few had regrets over certain practices and policies that created unintended consequences. The Fierce editorial team has dug into the archives to uncover what we think are the top five biggest blunders in the wireless industry. This decidedly subjective and short list includes industry failures rather than doomed products. These are strategic business or marketing decisions that have forced companies to admit mistakes, backtrack and shift course. In some instances, changed approaches benefited the industry and consumers, while in other cases the troublesome practices continue. Check out this article to see FierceWireless' rundown of what we see as the wireless industry's worst blunders. Special Report.