Wireless users more cutting-edge than wired ones

We all knew it, but it is good to have a confirmation: Wireless Internet users are more likely than wired users to purchase high-tech items such as MP3s, flat-panel televisions, and portable gaming devices, according to a new Ipsos Insight study. The findings suggest that marketers of high-tech products would do well to target wireless Web users. "'Wireless Webbers' are significantly more likely than those relying on wired broadband or dial-up access to own and use digital content, products and services, making them a powerfully concentrated ad target," stated the study.

Almost half of those who accessed the Internet through a wireless connection said they had digital cable TV, compared to 40 percent of wired broadband users and 21 percent of dial-up users. Similarly, 30 percent of the wireless group had digital video recorders, compared to 22 percent of broadband users and 12 percent of dial-up connectors.

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