xG Technology scores infrastructure deal for WiMAX rival technology

Florida startup xG Technology, which has developed a low-power, long-range broadband technology called xMAX technology, said it has obtained an infrastructure contract to deploy its technology, which it has touted as a rival to WiMAX and other broadband wireless technologies.

Treco International--backed by reclusive Swedish billionaire Johan Bohman--has agreed to act as xG Technology's exclusive infrastructure partner for U.S. deployments of the xMAX system. Treco has already placed a $75-million order for 1,000 base stations with an option for another 4000 base stations. Treco plans to rent the equipment to xG's territory partners, such as regional Internet service providers and local telecoms carriers.

xG Technology, which has popped in and out of the news over the years, touts its patented xMAX system as significantly cheaper than competitors. The technology has been certified to meet FCC radio emissions limits and sends 40 Mbps of data over 15 miles using less than 1W of power. Small independent operators will thus be able to set up cheap base stations and provide connection to the Internet for VoIP services. xG expects that its xMAX system will begin deploying next month in the southern Florida market, with other US markets to follow.

Wireless industry folks have had a see-it-to-believe-it approach to xMAX technology in the past, and xG Technology has made several announcements over the years, saying its technology would be rolled out "soon." Last year the company said VoIP service would be commercially deployed in Daytona, Fla., and six other markets after that by November 2007. What is the reality this time?

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