ZigBee Alliance signs deal with retail association; Huawei strikes alliance with Malta to establish innovation center

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> The FCC announced that it plans to fine Total Call Mobile more than $51 million for apparently enrolling tens of thousands of duplicate and ineligible consumers into the Lifeline program.  Release

> The ZigBee Alliance signed a liaison agreement with the Global Market Development Center (GMDC) whereby GMDC will recommend the Alliance's ZigBee 3.0 standard and its retail services components to member companies. Release

> The Wi-Fi Alliance is working to qualify at least one third-party LTE-U test lab that will be capable of providing independent test services to the industry. FCC filing

> Ford CEO Mark Fields dishes on electric cars, self-driving and the weird future of his rapidly changing industry. The Verge article

> Analysts are overlooking how much AR and VR are about to change our lives. Venture Beat commentary

> An analysis by ComputerWorld's Android Intelligence shows Android OEMs are still terrible at updates. Extreme Tech article

> With all of the broadband functionality promised by public-safety LTE, could mission-critical push-to-talk -- a decidedly narrowband technology -- be FirstNet's "killer app" that drives public-safety adoption? Urgent Matters article

> Huawei signed a strategic alliance with Malta to establish an innovation center in that country focused on safe city solutions including nationwide surveillance. RCR Wireless article

And finally… Elon Musk may reveal his Mars colony plans this fall. Tech Insider article