ZTE announces jump in data card sales; Security company says Cisco APs have some vulnerabilities

> Following the departure of former Chairman Kevin Martin, it took more than seven months for the FCC to return to full strength with five commissioners. As the commission approaches its first monthly open meeting with a full panel, the central question surrounding it is: What kind of FCC will this be? Article

> Chinese vendor ZTE announced that sales of its data card for the first half of 2009 increased by 366 per cent year on year to more than 7 million. Article

> According to security company AirMagnet, some Cisco wireless access points have a vulnerability that could allow hackers to redirect traffic outside the enterprise or possibly gain access to an entire enterprise network. Article

> Major operators, including AT&T, Verizon Communications and Sprint Nextel, are planning to increase capital expenditures throughout the rest of this year, actions that likely will lift the equipment vendors that supply them. Article

> In an interview with The Hill, FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski said the agency wants to maintain openness for any consumer accessing the Internet. Article

> VeriWave introduced WaveAgent 2.0 for interoperability testing, allowing users to combine real traffic from actual devices with the test traffic to conduct "what if" testing in fully loaded networks and peak conditions before the network is live. Release

And finally... "By the way, there's a goat in my trunk." Article

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