Qualcomm today offered its most comprehensive argument so far about why they should reject Broadcom’s efforts to take over the company.

Sprint said it is now selling its new Sprint Direct Connect Plus (SDC Plus), running on the Kodiak PTT (push-to-talk) platform.

The first 5G specification was ratified by 3GPP just before the holidays, but already, 5G is creating buzz.

Strategy Analytics’ data offers a breakdown of customers’ service plans, showing the amount of cellular and Wi-Fi data consumed.

AT&T thinks about security all the time, according to its president of IoT.

As the wireless industry marches to 5G, it's got to make sure it also brings along a lot of other industries.

Sprint CTO John Saw said the company plans to add 2.5 GHz and 800 MHz antennas to virtually all of its existing cell sites.

With 3GPP ratifying the first part of the 5G standard, we will see our first commercial 5G networks in 2018. Here are three predictions for 5G.