5G is expected to have more traffic flows back and forth from edge infrastructure, which Colt predicts will require SDN technology.

There could be lower demand for millimeter wave spectrum this time around, according to AllNet Insights & Analytics' Brian Goemmer.

The edge is suddenly a focal point, but it's also extremely nebulous.

Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood was opposed to the T-Mobile/Sprint merger, but thanks to commitments from the companies, he's now on board.

Does the U.S. need to foster its own homegrown version of a Nokia, Ericsson or Huawei?

Five Republican senators said they believe the FBI and intelligence community could share more of their intelligence about Huawei.

Connectivity Wireless and a number of partners are deploying a CBRS trial in New York’s Times Square.

Citing a long list of stakeholders, analysts at Wells Fargo Securities are telling investors that now is the time to pay attention to CBRS.