2008--the Year of LTE; France Telecom's TeliaSonera bid fails

> Increased broadband access in the United States, with the opening up of the white-spaces, M2Z Network's push on AWS-3 and President-elect Barack Obama's plan for more broadband access, became a flashpoint in 2008. Article

> France Telecom's ill-managed bid for Sweden's largest telco, TeliaSonera, never led to an acquisition as TeliaSonera wound up rejecting a $10 billion bid. Article  

> Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology took a big step forward in 2008 as a number of carriers and vendors not only endorsed the technology but began trials to speed along deployment. Article

> Despite numerous trials of femtocells and declarations from operators that they plan to deploy them in 2009, the technology's business model remains murky. Article

And finally... Samsung gave skydivers some of its quick-messaging phones to send text messages while skydiving, in an attempt to break the "Guinness World Record for fastest test messaging while skydiving." Article