700 MHz Auction: Round 12 pushes C Block to $3.8B

Round 12: The provisional total of all bids in the FCC's 700 MHz auction stands at $8.7 billion at the end of the day Tuesday and after twelve rounds of bidding. Provisionally winning bids increased the total by more than $820 million during the twelfth round. The C Block of spectrum attracted a new bid in the round that brought its provisionally winning total to $3.8 billion. That is close to the $4.6 billion reserve price that the FCC implemented, and the next round requires a minimum bid of just under $4.3 billion. Chances are that block of spectrum will meet its reserve price if it gets two more bids. If the C Block does not meet its reserve price, the FCC will probably re-auction it. 

As has been the case for the past eleven rounds, the D Block continues to hold steady at $472 million. Only one bidder bid on the D Block in the first round, while no one has bid on it since. The FCC set a reserve price of $1.3 billion for the D Block. -Brian

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